AYM Southeast takes your health and safety seriously.

Before every retreat, the Executive Committee gets together to craft policies to keep you and the others around you safe. We take into account the number of COVID cases in this area, the contagiousness and strength of the current variant going around, and use this information to put together science-based guidelines to keep you healthy at our next retreat.

Zero Cases of COVID.

We’re very grateful to God that out of the previous three retreats that we have organized during the pandemic, there have been zero known cases of COVID.

To keep you safe in the upcoming retreat

– we will be spacing out groups of seats

– there will be sanitizing stations spread around the venue

– masks will be required in meal lines

– meals will be prepared with stringent sanitary procedures

– masks will be provided for those who wish to wear them

– attendees are asked not to attend if they are congested, coughing, or running a temperature

We believe in safety.

We believe in safety everywhere during our retreats. If you run into a situation in which you need help, please reach out to an ExCom member or text (717) 522-9673