About Us

What Is AYMSE?

Adventist Youth on a Mission, Southeast (AYMSE) is a youth organization that holds biannual weekend retreats for youth ages 12-20 and their families. Our retreats are uplifting, inspiring, and fun. At AYMSE, you can expect outreach opportunities, youth speakers, great fellowship, and faith-building activities to inspire young people to be on fire for God.

Our Vision

In the fast-paced, secular society in which we live, God has called us, as last-day youth, to be His witnesses; we are to be His hands and feet. That’s why AYMSE exists. Our vision is that young people will be enabled to see how God can work through them in a special way when they step out for Him in faith at these retreats, and then be inspired to do God’s work wherever He leads. Our goal is to reach the Southeast, and ultimately the world, for Christ; and “with such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Saviour might be carried to the whole world!” (Education, p. 271).

Our History

In January 2020, a group of young people, zealous for the Lord and His work, began to plan a retreat where youth could build their relationship with God, and thereby become inspired to do His work in their own communities. Under the name YCC (Youth Conference for Christ), we held our very first retreat in August 2020.

After our first retreat, we joined with AYM and became one of their chapters. AYM is doing a great work in reaching young people for Christ across North America, and we are very excited to be one of their official chapters. Learn more here.

Meet The Team

Zachary Ramont


Melinda Jubea

Vice President

Bethany Naranjo


Cameron Guild

VP of Retreat Evangelism

Seth Parker

VP of Evangelism Club

Lauren Guild

VP of Programming

Sean Detwieler

VP of Technology