Whether this is your first time hearing of YCC/AYMSE or if you were an attendee of YCC, you are likely reading this post because you are interested in hearing about YCC’s name change. If that’s so, you’re in the right place!

YCC had our first retreat on August 21-23 at the Collegedale Commons. It was a real blessing, and we were all very excited and blessed to see God’s leading in the retreat. However, behind the scenes, there were some very exciting changes coming. Ever since the founding of YCC, we have been keeping in close contact with Adventist Youth on a Mission (AYM) with the plan of eventually becoming one of their chapters. There are currently four chapters: AYM Northwest (AYMNW, which is located in the Pacific Northwest), AYM West (located in California), and now we are officially AYM Southeast (AYMSE)! Since our name change, AYM Ohio has been the newest addition to the AYM family.

For those of you who attended YCC, you may be asking, “Why the change? Wasn’t YCC good as it was?” YCC was an amazing retreat, and we know that God had His direct hand in it. However, we feel that becoming a part of AYM will further our influence and reach. Our retreats will be mostly the same as what you experienced at YCC. There will have a few changes, but for the most part it will look the same.

Most of the changes made have been on the back end, however. The change has allowed for more representation, credibility, and structure. It also allows for greater networking within the different chapters, which will be of greater benefit on the back end. AYM also has some other things planned that we cannot share yet, but we know that they will also be of mutual benefit for them, us, and you, as an attendee and/or supporter of YCC. We firmly believe that this change will only be for the positive, and that AYMSE will move forward in God’s power, ready to do His work in our communities – and ultimately, in the world. You can find out more about AYM at  www.aymnw.org. Currently their page is still connected to AYMNW’s page, but they plan to have a dedicated site soon for the organization as a whole.

If you found this site by going to YCC’s page, you noticed that you were redirected to this one. We are still updating this site and making it the best we can, so please bear with us as certain parts of the site are still under construction. (Oh and another thing of benefit for our subscribers – we are using a different email system, so no more crazy formatting!)

We hope and pray that this change will be one of benefit, and we are excited to see where God will lead! (And yes, we’re still just getting used to the name change too!)


Matthew Kimbley

President, AYM Southeast

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